Water Safety at DERC 

DERC take Water Safety very seriously. Being around water is inherently dangerous so we have to minimise the risks by following the advice given in British Rowing's rowsafe document. The safety notice board is the first point all members should read regularly, but this page will provide access to further documents and advice British Rowing recommends. 

The Flooding in the Midlands box to the right can indicate whether the River Trent might have flooding problems. Always check with a Committee member whether it is safe to row using the clubs traffic light system.

ALL MEMBERS should familiarise themselves with these water safety documents: 


The rowsafe document is a comprehensive document from British Rowing that all members and parents should read. Below are the key points that members of DERC should take note of.

Rowsafe.pdf Rowsafe.pdf
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Safety Notice Board 

The safety notice board is located in the TVSC clubhouse upstairs on the left hand side as you go in the main door. Please ensure you keep up to date any advice and changes to the website and the notice board. 

Club Safety Plan 

DERC Safety Plan.doc DERC Safety Plan.doc
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A copy can be found laminated on the Safety Notice Board 

Weather and Environment 

Local conditions can change rapidly and members and crews must be aware of what to do in changing situations.

Two local rivers, sometimes with very different conditions.  See Water Safety Plan for more detail. 

Risk Assessment 

Competition Safety Plan 

N/A at present 

Training Camps 

N/A at present 

Cold Water Immersion 

ColdWaterImmersionGuidance-19Mar09.pdf ColdWaterImmersionGuidance-19Mar09.pdf
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Swimming and Capsize 

On applying to become a member, applicants must ensure they can:
  • swim 50m in light clothing
  • tread water for two minutes
  • swim underwater for 5m
If they can not sign to say they can achieve the above points they must wear a personal floatation device (PFD). It is up to the member to self enforce this British Rowing recommendation. 

Capsize Drills and Swimming tests will be undertaken at Welbeck Defence College at regular intervals throughout the year. 

ALL juniors must wear a PFD until they have completed the swim test and capsize drill. 

See Capsize Drill and Swim test page for more information and photos.
CapsizePoster.pdf CapsizePoster.pdf
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Transport and Trailer 

RowingnTrailers-RM-Jun-08.pdf RowingnTrailers-RM-Jun-08.pdf
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TowingFlowChart.pdf TowingFlowChart.pdf
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TowingGuidance.pdf TowingGuidance.pdf
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DriversHandbookV3.pdf DriversHandbookV3.pdf
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Launch Driving 

LaunchPoster.pdf LaunchPoster.pdf
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Steering and Navigation 

Boats and Blades 

 Safety Aids



Indoor Rowing 



Incident Reporting 

Incident reporting.pdf Incident reporting.pdf
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Log on to British Rowing website and using your British Rowing membership log-in details, log in, go to Online Reporting and follow the following process below to log an incident. 

Capsize or falling out of boat through: inexperience, contact with another rowing boat,
contact with other object, equipment or boat failure
Collision through: contact with static object, moving object, navigation issue, poor
visibility or lighting
Swamping through: rough water, collision with other rowing boat, collision with other
object, wash
Health related: manual handling, respiratory, hypothermia, heat stress, water-borne disease
Equipment failure: boat buoyancy, riggers, gates, seats/feet, steering equipment, bow
ball, blades/sculls, safety/coaching/rescue launch, PFD’s, throw lines, racking
Land training due to: weight training, circuit training, running, cycling, indoor rowing, slips/trips
Behaviour: vandalism/violence

 All incidents must be reported, no matter how small

 Safety Auditing


Sunburn and Heat Stress 

Water-borne Infectious Diseases 

Andy Holmes dies from Weil's Disease

First Aid 

First Aid bag and box can be found in the TVSC kitchen on the top floor in the clubroom. Another first aid bag can be found in the Launch Kit bag.   

BasicLifeSupport.pdf BasicLifeSupport.pdf
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