Committee Members 2018-2019

Chairman - Jim Hawkins
Vice Chair/ Explore Cordinator - Josef Myszka
Secretary - Maxine Kavanagh
Ladies Captain - Holly Kemish and Fiona Ross
Men's Captain - Brian Jarvis
Junior Coordinator - Michelle Greenwood
Junior Captain -  Billy Grimmett

Recreational Captain - Ed Sinfield
Membership Coordinator - Philip Thompson
Treasurer - Katie Cooper
Welfare Officer - Anthony Smith
Social Secretary - Joanne Pickford
Liaison Officer - Clare Sedgewick
Water Safety Officer - Jeremy Greenwood
Ordinary Members - 

 Committee Member Profiles

CHAIRMAN & Water Safety Officer

Jeremy Greenwood


 Mens Captain

Brian Jarvis


It’s all my daughter’s fault! 

Beth was inspired by the performance of the British rowers at London 2012 

(especially the gold medals for Glover/Stanning and Watkins/Grainger) and decided she wanted to give the sport a go. As a bit of a ‘helicopter Dad' I decided to tag along and got hooked straight away. 

I’ve played various sports at different competitive levels - athletics, rugby, cricket - but rowing poses challenges like no other. The combination of physical and psychological demands alongside the technical complexities can be quite daunting, but also immensely rewarding when things go right! 

Learning the sport at Devils Elbow has been great. We’re a small, friendly and ambitious club and whatever your age group or ability level if you’re keen on giving rowing a go you’ll find a supportive environment with us. Rowing will give you the chance to get seriously fit, the opportunity to travel in the UK and abroad, to compete seriously, or simply enjoy new experiences (sea rowing, night rowing, fun/fancy dress rowing etc.).


Women's Captain

Holly Kemish and Fiona Ross




Michelle Greenwood

I've been rowing since 2011 and have raced around the UK and in France which was amazing! I've finally persuaded my 14 year old son to try rowing and I'm hoping he will continue as we have a great group of juniors who are definitely going places. We've got plans for more coaching and some of the juniors will be racing in the near future. We've also got opportunities for junior coxes who would have the opportunity to take charge of a boat without rowing themselves.

So if you're aged between 11 and 17, a confident swimmer and want to try a new sport, get in touch. You may be able to come and have a go soonor join one of our learn to row courses.




 Ed Sinfield

 I used to row when I was at school in Worcester. That was an awful long time ago now and the intervening decades seem to have done me more harm than good but then . . . . . . Sad (but perfectly natural) changes to family circumstances suddenly gave me Saturday mornings free so I joined Devil’s Elbow. Now I feel much stronger and fitter, my blood pressure seems to have gone down again and I get to spend my Saturday mornings in great company, so that’s pretty good isn’t it?

Recreational rowing normally happens after squad training on Saturday mornings (from 10:30 – 12:00) and is open to all members, whatever their shape, size, fitness or experience. We have a variety of boats we can use, ranging from stable plastic tubs for learning in and stable yet fast(ish) ‘Explorer’ boats (not only great for learning in but also for our more exciting expeditions away on choppier waters) to the normal array of fine boats you’d expect at a boat club like ours for our more experienced members to hone their skills on. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you feel you are. We will try to match boats and crews with coxes and coaches (usually the same person) to ensure that you get as much out of it as possible. It’s my job to coordinate that.

Rowing requires individual skill and ability as well as competitive drive, if you’ve a mind to compete, but it is also the mother of all team sports. I think what I love most about being part of Devil’s Elbow is the fact that it brings together such a broad variety of us to achieve what we do together in sometimes the most atrocious conditions. If you were ever going to be down to your last drop of diesel when towing a thirsty trailer-full of boats along a barren fuel-bereft stretch of Swiss motorway at 2 in the morning or suddenly and unexpectedly immersed in freezing December river water 50 yards above the weir and you expected to all still be mates afterwards, these are exactly the boys and girls you’d want around you when you do.


Philip Thompson

Awaiting  Picture


I’ve always had an interest in rowing, but never quite got round to doing anything about it. It was the Olympics that finally spurred me on. Reading an article on the internet about Glover and Stanning’s first gold for Great Britain at London 2012, I was tempted to follow the link to ‘find your nearest rowing club’. Fully expecting to see one of the Derby clubs, I was intrigued when it came up with Devil’s Elbow. I’m so glad it did because it’s such a fantastic location and they’re such a great group of people that I couldn’t imagine rowing anywhere else.



Katie Cooper

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Anthony Smith

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Social Secretary

Joanne Pickford

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Claire Sedgwick



Jo Myszka


Website Manger