Swimming and Capsize Drill 

Clothing Requirements:

- Swimming Costume
- Tracksuit Bottoms
- Leggings
- Sweatshirt


1.       Demonstrate the ability to "Tread water" for 2 minutes.

2.       Demonstrate the ability to swim 100 meters (4 lengths, at least 2 of which on the back "life-saving style") of the pool wearing swimming costume, leggings and a "T" shirt. The first 5 meters of this swim MUST be underwater

3.       Be shown the procedure of capsizing a sculling boat in the pool, firstly without the blades in situ and then with the blades in situ. (This process is to demonstrate to the athlete how easy it is to capsize a boat without blades in situ and thereafter how almost impossible it is to capsize with blades in situ so long as a basic set of rules is adhered to!

4.       Be shown the procedure required, after a capsize, to get back into the boat.

Items 1 and 2 are MANDATORY

Items 3 and 4 do not require a "pass" as such but are included in the process as an exercise in confidence building. The capsize drills are therefore not a test but are the first stage in the process of providing the athlete with the skill of being able to handle a single sculling boat.