About Us


Devil's Elbow Rowing Club was founded in 2012 to offer rowing opportunities to all where practically possible. The club hopes to work with schools, colleges and local universities to enable students to learn to row and compete against others at a local, national and international level. 

We offer Learn 2 Row courses for all ages and invite existing rowers and those who have had a break from rowing to join us too. We are actively recruiting members, volunteers, coaches and coxes, so whatever you can do we welcome your support.

Our  volunteer programme aims to involve people in all walks of life in rowing and making new friends whether it be in a fundraising, practical or mentoring sense.

Our goals are to create a club where people of all ages can learn how to row whether this is part of our competitive side of the club or our recreational side called Explore Rowing for which we have recently been accredited.

One of our main targets is to achieve the Clubmark accreditation. We are currently working towards this. 


As a brand new club we have smaller rowing facilities than some, but we do have four Eights, an octuple, a coxed Four, a coxed Quad, two doubles and two singles along with two brand new recreational gigs and two double mondego tubs. We have more boats in our old shed waiting to be refurbished so we can put them into use. 

Trent Valley Sailing Club

 The view of the River Trent from the Trent Valley Sailing Clubhouse.

Twinned Clubs

Chester Le Street Amateur Rowing Club

DERC has close links with Chester Le Street Amateur Rowing Club who have a core membership of 80-90 juniors and a growing adult section of about 40 members. Chester Le Street has recently donated a wooden quad to DERC and this will be used extensively for juniors and beginners alike.

Exmouth Rowing Club 

DERC has links with Exmouth Rowing Club  and hope club exchanges will be ongoing. Sea rowing is quite different to fine boat rowing so its quite an adventure for the uninitiated. DERC went sea racing in September 2011 with Guin Batten ex Olympian. 


The club was initially situated on the River Soar between Hathern and Kegworth on the A6. The Boathouse was a short walk from the road to the bend in the river named Devil's Elbow, hence the name of the club.

In 1826 a canal, named "Jimmy Gadd's Cut" after the contractor, was cut through to the east of the difficult bend making it easier for commercial barges to navigate.

The old boathouse is actually situated on the original bend in the river, now a backwater, leaving the remaining land named Tongue Island. 

The Club unfortunately had a few difficulties in setting up at this boathouse with floating pennywort an invasive water weed preventing rowing, local council issues in accessing the boathouse from the A6 dual carriageway and legalities with planning permission despite previous usage by Sutton Bonnington Rowing Club (see history page). The boathouse will still be used to store boats and occasional rowing in the summer. 

This prompted the big move to Trent Valley Sailing Club opposite Trent Lock in January 2012, where we are now based. This wide 2.5km stretch on the River Trent / Soar confluence is excellent for junior rowing, recreational rowing and competitive training. The stretch of river is great for beginners as the slow wide bends on the river are easier to navigate than the narrow confines of the River Soar. The positioning of the club also gives access to a few different routes for touring and training. The canal is superb for when the river is too fast and perfect for coaching singles and doubles. 

In time the club hope to run a sprint regatta and a head race on this stretch. See Gallery page for pictures of the new stretch on the River Trent.

The two clubs, TVSC and DERC have come together to apply for a grant to replace the TVSC's boathouse. We were successful in getting £50,000 and the new shared boathouse has been up and running since the start of 2014. 

Map showing the old boathouse where the club was originally founded in 2011. 

Sept 2011 - Guin Batten, Julie Paillin, Nicola Cheesman and Exmouth member Kate Hurley came 4th out of nine crews in the 8k race, overtaking crews despite breaking a blade. Click on the picture to see more pics from the event.