Win for Devils Elbow W.IM3.8+ and Nov.8+ at Burton Regatta

Posted by Vikki Thomas on Thursday, August 7, 2014
After a long hot day of challenging races we were all sitting along the bank waiting for the final 2 races of the day, the W.IM3.8+ and Nov.8+ both of these being straight finals. It was getting late, most people had finished racing however it was now time for both crews to check the boat and prepare for their race before heading up to the start line. We (W.IM3.8+) rowed up first ahead of our opposition Burton Leander, both crews attached to the stake boat and with some difficulty due to the current got ourselves lined up. Before we knew it we were off and after a bad start Burton Leander pulled ahead. Each stroke we were gaining on them and with a few pushes our bow ball was slightly ahead. With a final 200m to go we drove it to the finish and crossed the line half a boat length ahead. We had won! Just as we were coming into the landing stage the Mens race had just started. Leaping out the boat we sprinted to the finish line to see that they were winning comfortably, also against Burton Leander. It was a double win for Devils, we all lined up, collected our medals and had our photos taken with the trophies! It was a historic day and one we will never forget. Well done to the Nov.8+ (Sam, Darren, Phil, Tom, Peter, Dan, George and cox: Simon) and the W.IM3.8+ (Jooles, Nicola, Harriet, Vikki, Faye, Olivia, Lyndsey, Babs and cox: Nick)