the wee hours cont....

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
So from the hosts point of view the story is a little different. Christmas party planning with Neil is challenging as he wanted to do the big shop. I however had done a spreadsheet (one of my many obsessions) and worked out exactly how much to buy of everything depending on how many were coming. 
We had help with Naomi doing the smoked salmon starter, Michelle doing the soup and Lauren's Mum Eileen doing the Chocolate Roulade and Hannah W's Gran providing the home-made Christmas Pudding. So all Neil and I had to worry about was the main course.....AND the minor issue of where everyone was going to sleep, sit down, dance etc. Luckily Neil has catered for large quantities of people for many years and had a spare oven which he put in the kitchen at the guest house, tables and chairs were brought in. It took several attempts to fit the 29 people into the space, eventually we ended up with 4 tables at jaunty angles in the utility area (which became the dance area), spreading into the living room and overlapping into the kitchen. 

The table clothes were made from white bed linen and the crockery and cutlery from Neil's stash of many things. It was a little stressful, but as people started to arrive the tables were laid and I tried to relax...BUT the table decorations and my hair stylist Lizzie had not arrived. Luckily Hannah stepped up to the mark and created the perfect up do. 

I did much of the veg preparation, stuffing and pigs in blankets etc including chestnut and bacon butter, but as it got closer to feeding hour I left Neil and the other chefs aka members to prepare food. Lizzie finally arrived and the decorations were put out.
The food was a rouring success apart from I forgot the Chestnut and Bacon Butter for the brussels and had to spoon it out silver service styley after people had started eating....whoops!!!

Enough about the food - although it was the tastiest dinner ever guys. Well done everyone!!! It was nice to see the juniors at the dinner and sing a song as well, I think the ladies version of 'Its raining Men' will stay with me forever!
Kellie's Dad was set up and ready to spin the karaoke decks, we all had a blast and probably drank far to quickly to 'get in the mood', soon the dancing was upon us and all I remember is Simon with his "open hands dance" to attract the ladies and Kellies hoover moves ;-) Mirander saying 'such fun...such fun' springs to mind. 

Quite a few disappeared up to bed or went home after a good feed, a few cheeky vinos and a dance. All too soon it was Simon, Jim, Doug Nicola and myself left, we must have been talking rowing for hours whilst Doug was strumming his guitar, maybe we did some dancing too. I can't remember now. It got to 5am with out us realising - we were obviously having such a good time. 

The morning after Neil made a cooked breakfast for everyone that stayed over - a few thick heads and bags under eyes but all had a memory of the first ever DERC Christmas Party. One that will never be forgotten. :-)

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