Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club (DERC) gets £9999 awarded from Sport England Small Grants Programme for NEW Coaching/Rescue Launch and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Press Release

10h July 2013

Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club (DERC) gets £9999 awarded from Sport England Small Grants Programme for NEW Coaching/Rescue Launch and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


Devil’s Elbow Rowing Club is a new club in Long Eaton which opened its doors officially in August 2012. Since April 2012 it has been teaching people how to row and had their first win at Trentham Regatta in a Primary single in June by Matt Tyler.

The club was formed by three enthusiasti...

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New Boathouse Progress Report

Posted by Julie Paillin on Tuesday, May 21, 2013
As of today we have planning permission granted, the holes have been dug for the foundations and in the last few days have been filled with concrete and the foundation bolts are in place. The steel should arrive on Thursday and be up by the end of the month. 
Teams of 3 are now being confirmed by each club to start laying the floor, cladding the sides and continue the good work that has been started. 

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Welbeck Speech Day Annual Report

Posted by James Helliwell on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

                This year has been a productive year for Welbeck Rowing. We’ve had the biggest intake of rowers in some time, with twenty-seven people attending regular training. Training began in September, with rowing taking up the GA session on Monday afternoons.  Christmas came and went, and rowing took off in earnest, with training sessions on the river on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We haven’t missed an outing this year, with students taking to the water in heavy snow, rain, wind and ...

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Vesta Head - First ever single sculling race for Women's Captain

Posted by Nicola Cheesman on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vesta Head 2012 – My Story - Nicola

2012 had been a great year for Rowing, I’d rowed in the Queens Jubilee Pageant and set up a new rowing club with 2 friends.  Devils Elbow Rowing Club which opened August 2012. 

However, it had been a disappointing year for racing, Ironbridge, St Neots, Soar Head and many others all cancelled because of the rain.

I was getting fed up with not racing! So as the end of 2012 drew closer I really wanted to finish off the year with one more race.

I’d a...

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Welbeck's Scratch Regatta Report

Posted by William Vinnell on Friday, April 26, 2013

On Saturday the 20th of April, Welbeck College joined Devils Elbow Rowing Club for a small get together at the club. The weather was boiling and the water flat, perfect conditions for the boat naming, the barbeque and the scratch regatta we had planned. We kicked things off with the boat naming ceremony, with ‘Doc Morgan’ being named by none other than... Doc Morgan and the clubs very own Jim naming ‘The Lion’. As soon as the boats were named, we sprung into action and ran straight to...

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Boat naming and Mini Scratch Regatta

Posted by Julie Paillin on Monday, April 22, 2013
So the day had finally arrived that I had been waiting for. It has been a long time coming, I started applying for funding for these new boats and putting in my heart and soul into the project at another local club. My efforts were being wasted and soon enough we had our own club DERC to try once again to raise the funds for get these boats which are so vital to growing the club. 
The boats are imported by Neil's sister Sandra, all the way from China. On the order form I had stated a Devil's t...
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Trent Head 2013

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Trent Head we had
Nov 8+ DERC men Phil, Matt, Jeremy, Brian, Sam, Jim with Will and Callum from Welbeck
Nov 8+ Welbeck
W.Nov 8+ Welbeck Morgan, Emily, Olivia, Nadine, Ellie, Kat, with DERC Ladies Sarah and Lynsey sitting in.

IM3 4x- Neil, Simon, with Josh and James from Welbeck
W.IM3 8+ Jooles, Amy, Michelle, Jill, Tammy, and Georgie, Charlie and Amy from Welbeck.

The DERC Nov 8+ had Sam, Brian and Phil who for them was their first ever race. The crew had also never rowed with the Welbeck...
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Bristol Head

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
First Time for all of us at Bristol. It was interesting to see the boatshed and lack of storage and gym in a separate building nearby. The docks were fabulous to row in, difficult to keep your eyes in the boat as their was so much to see. 
For pics visit

The Ladies raced W.IM3 8+ and borrowed some ladies from Welbeck, so we had the more experienced girls with points.
Crew consisted of 
Stroke Jooles
7 Michelle
6 ...

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Trafford win with Welbeck

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Just a quick note that Welbeck had their first win of the Season with the W.Nov.4x+ coxed and coached by myself at Trafford Head. The boys had an epic fail in the eight with 3's rigger breaking and the fin falling off resulting in a crash that was caught on camera. See the Welbeck facebook page for pics 

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the wee hours cont....

Posted by Julie Paillin on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
So from the hosts point of view the story is a little different. Christmas party planning with Neil is challenging as he wanted to do the big shop. I however had done a spreadsheet (one of my many obsessions) and worked out exactly how much to buy of everything depending on how many were coming. 
We had help with Naomi doing the smoked salmon starter, Michelle doing the soup and Lauren's Mum Eileen doing the Chocolate Roulade and Hannah W's Gran providing the home-made Christmas Pudding. So al...
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