Learn to row

Posted by Julie Paillin on Friday, May 9, 2014
This past bank holiday Monday saw the culmination of yet another successful learn to row course at Devil's. Many new faces have dedicated time to learn the basics of water safety, capsize drills and rowing technique. In what many continue to describe devils as a fun warm and friendly environment in which to discover the sport of rowing. The new starters all seemed to have enjoyed it and many looking to future and being part of our little club.
On a warmish and breezy Monday, we finish the learn to row course with a round of friendly races against each other to give a taster of what things are like when we all go as a club to races. In 3 crews of eight we mixed new starters with accomplished club members in a round robin of races. Crew captains (er self appointed I may add...) gathered their crews and arranged them in bow side and stroke side. Those captains beings Jools, Neil and Jim. The first race being between Jools and Jim, the took to the water and after a short warm up and practice starts they lined up. Being over only about 400 meters it was harem scarem stuff, with much splashing. But after frantic starts by both crew Jools lead her crew to an nice lead, only to see Jim looking to race down the canal instead of the river, one thinks that the balance of rowers not quite there. Race 2 saw Jim's crew re-jig a little and then race Neil's crew, again another frenetic start saw the crews dash off the line. So friendly the competition that they couldn't keep themselves apart and collision of a couple of blades ensued a re start over about 100 meters, with Neil taking the spoils.
After a short break for lunch the showdown took place, with Jools running to the most competitive boat and dragging her crew with her, who I might add were stuffed full of bacon butties. Both crews were eager for the overall win and good alignment on the river, with the trent lock side eight (Neil's Crew) getting a head start of around half a length. After a good start by both crews the lead was soon brushed aside and then jool's stroked her crew to a lead of about half a length. With Victory within grasp of 100 meters DISASTER!!!! her 6 man's feet straps both snapped (can't think who that was LOL) and ending up flying off the seat at race pace almost in to the drink. With such a massive loss in power from six and the blade dragging like an anchor in the water Neil's crew pipped Jools to victory.
Hurrahs and Huzzahs all round, with much sporting handshakes in the good spirit of the sport at the end.
All were happy and Devil's Elbow continued to carry the legacy of London 2012 Olympics to bring more to the sport of rowing.
We look forward to seeing our new members out rowing and competing in the black and pink very soon. Many thanks to all who were involved in organising and running the course and without wishing to name names for fear of missing someone out!! Everyone deserves a good pat on the back.