Historic Burton

Posted by Steve Jones on Saturday, November 2, 2013
October 27th 2013.....A date to remember for many involved at the club, but it all started out so quietly. A balmy autumnal Sunday morning down by the Trent in Burton, rowers from far and wide assembled. Amongst this merry crowd were the rowers of Devils Elbow and avid support. Promptly on arrival the assembly of the craft took place that would carry us along on our dual with river and foe, meticulous attention to every nut and bolt, whilst we slipped in the sticky mud under foot.with on going observations of the conditons after what had been a wet and windy few days! Slowly but surely the minutes ticked by until we all needed to take to the water. Skippers went through the directions and landmarks on the course, marking out the points of attack on our intrpid journey. Last checks on the craft and we first got the girls on their way, the bows of the fine lady glimmering off the sunny river. The ladies crew were soon into rhythm and off they went to the marshalling point. Then with the sharp call of 'hands on' to a beetroot tongued troop of eight the men got afloat. Boat crews set up on their way with support close by on the riverbank .
A choppy river with wind whipping around our blades on every stroke, slight imabalances forgiven by the crafty eyed coxes watching over both us and our rivals.The marshalling area was to become one of slight chaos and required clever steering by each cox. Poised and ready for the call to arms we waited like bobbing ducks on the waves created by tricky winds. The men observed their rivals turn before them and the tightening of will in the stomachs of the nine men on board was palpable. Then off the men pushed and set off in pursuit, knowing that only a canvas of difference was all that was required for victory. Nerves building amongst the girls only a steady voice of cox was there to comfort them and none the less steely they also set off. Stroke by stroke crews splashed and dashed their way down the river each in hot pursuit. Mens cox and captain Si sensed blood and with each stroke of the devils the gap closed upon our adversaries the newark eight!  Through bends and winds and riding on the rapid storm streams both crews made progress at great speed. And so into the final throws of the head race cries from the bank of "come on devils elbow" rang in our ears. Extra effort pushed through legs and strained arms. By now the guys were a frenzy as they drew along side the newark eight, if form somewhat slipped then the result was not in doubt as we eyed the defeated. Victory was ours and smiles and pats shared between gasps in breath!
Even more determined the girls in somewhat greaert sense of harmony that comes from a quad, guided intripedly by the ever determined cox and skip Nicola finaly found the relief of the finish line. Result unknown but still smiles and senses of great satisfaction. Slowly the guys embarked to the riverbank and with craft safely stowed, a pop and a share of something fizzy and pink! Rather apt really considering the club colours too! A job well done after many weeks training. We welcomed home with a well done out young quad of four, with a cox whose effort required and sugary tea to help recovery from her efforts. Enquiries and well done all around as ths was the first men's win and first head win for Devils elbow Rowing club!!!
In equal support we supported out ladies eight whose opposition so intimidated failed to respond and it was only for pride that they rowed. But it is a pride felt throughout the supporting men on the river bank as they past our positions with equal shouts! Experience gained for another day!
And so to the prize....crews gathered awaiting the official results. After a long wait the time sheets were passed out....paused as they were scanned for names times and then with a screech (and may I add a very loud one at that) the girls found out they too had won. Emotions ran high through us all and smiles to match. Two great wins for this small but merry bunch. So take a bow.....Daniel Joyce, Darren Hickman, Brian Jarvis, Paul Kavanagh, Steve Jones, Phil Thompson, Jeremy Greenwood, Sam Leaney and of course Simon Hughes of the Devils Elbow Mens Novice Eight Burton Head Winners 2013
And.... Take a curtesy Ladies.....Lucy Joyce, Vicky Thomas, Beth Jarvis,Bridget Dale and of course Nicola Cheeseman!! womens novice coxed quad Burton head winners 2013!!!!
Huzzahs and Hurrahs alll around!!!!