Devil's Elbow win Rearsby Tug of War

Posted by Lucy Joyce on Friday, December 27, 2013
Yesterday, a few members of Devil's Elbow Rowing Club headed over to Rearsby to compete in their annual Tug of War competition. Nicola Cheesman, Kellie Gage and myself (with Julie Paillin as photographer)  along with three girls we met on the day entered as a ladies team. After watching all the men, it was our turn to pull. We dug our foot holes in the mud, grabbed the rope and got ready. Since the Tug or War was over a brook and the men had already been, when it was our turn the ground was extremely muddy. We ended up winning the competition, and even got our pictures taken for the papers! Then off we went for free curry and soup down the the local pub. All in all a great day, hopefully we can get more Devil's down next year to help us to defend our title!