Burton Head 2014

Posted by Julie Paillin on Monday, February 23, 2015
Unfortunately, no victories for the Devils at Burton Head 2014. Although this felt a bit disappointing after our successes at numerous events over the past twelve months there was still a number a number of commendable performances to boost club morale and continue to build our reputation in the rowing community.

The course of 3500m ran downstream from the Riverside Hotel in Branston to the Burton Regatta finish line.The weather was calm with occasional drizzle and light breezes.

In Division One, Sam Panter competed in the IM3.1x and came 3rd in a competitive field. His time of 13.02 was less than 15 seconds off 1st place.

Jooles and Vikki achieved 2nd place from five starters in the W.IM3.2x category with a time of 13.54.

Kellie, Lynsey, Cheryl and ??? came 2nd in the W.NOV 4x+ - 14.25 just 13 seconds off 1st place. 

In Division Two, a men’s 8 (Tom, Rob, Alex, Brian, Darren, Paul O., Paul K., Jeremy) coxed by Simon finished in 2nd place with a tine of 11.39 which was well ahead of DMU but 13 seconds (again - our unlucky number) behind the winning crew from Keele.

Jess and Charlotte’s double was scratched for technical issues (loss of fin).