Devil's Elbow Junior Squads

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Here at Devil's Elbow Junior Squad, we welcome everyone from experienced juniors to complete beginners (as long as you're under 18- if not then sorry, you'll have to join the men's or women's crews: you can find the links under squads) after all, we were all beginners once- some of us fairly recently too! If you just want to row for a bit of fun, or if you want to race, or if you've never rowed before and just want to see what happens, this is the Squad for you!

Who we are ....

Junior Blog

Hi, I’m Beth and I’m 14. I’ve been rowing since September 2012 at this club. I love rowing and I’m so glad that I started. It’s an enjoyable and challenging sport that can easily get your adrenaline going. Once I’d got my technique correct while on the water I was hooked, it’s a wonderful experience- even in snow! The people you row with and the club members really impact, in my opinion, how much you like rowing. Our club has sociable, friendly and welcoming people and I think that’s another reason I love it so much. Every time I row I improve on my technique due to the great coaching- on and off the water. I couldn’t think of a better sport to do! Once you start rowing you won’t want to stop. I also get the chance to cox which I really enjoy, especially when the boat picks up speed and you can motivate your crew. I’ve met new friends and even gained confidence thanks to rowing and the club. If you’re thinking of learning to row- don’t think just do it because you won’t regret it.


We currently have 11 juniors in total at the moment. We're always looking for new juniors who can create new crews so please contact us for details on how to join. 

Welbeck DSFC

We sometimes row and race with Welbeck Defence College Rowing Club who share facilities, boats and blades with us. This is a relationship we nurture and love to be part of. 


Trent Valley sailing club..... We share their facilities (club house, training place, same bit of river etc.) We share a lot of events with them to raise funds for both clubs. 

Social events

Christmas Party and Award Dinner

Summer Ball 

Junior Camp

Left-right: Lucy, Bridget, Vikki and Beth after racing at Burton and winning their first race together! 

DERC Junior Ergo Times
























 Sam Leaney

Jess Dale

Guy Thompson


Lucy Joyce

Anna Carter


Lauren Church

Bridget Dale


Beth Jarvis

Jessica Adkin

Charlotte Hill

Vicki Thomas


Jordan Fearon-Lee


Sophia Blore

Ellie Westwood


Olivia Stevenson


Billy Greenwood





6 mins

6 mins


5 mins

5 mins


4 mins

4 mins

4 mins

4 mins


3 mins


2 mins

2 mins


1 min


1 min































Set junior crews currently

In the Junior section of the club, we currently have 3 set crews, with more to be formed when we get some new juniors up to speed for racing. 

W.Nov 4x+  Lucy, Bridget, Vikki and Beth

W.IM3 2x Vikki and Lucy

W.J15 2x Charlotte and Jess

What we get up to.... 

Junior Devils 11-14

Training Times- These vary throughout the year 

Tuesday - 4.30pm - 6.30pm  OR 6.30pm-8.30pm (General row)

Wednesday  6.30-8.30pm (General row, circuits or yoga)

Saturday 10am-12pm OR 8am-10am (General Row)

Older Juniors 15-18

Training Times

Tuesday 4.30pm - 6.30pm & 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Saturday 10am-12pm (Depending on crews you may be asked to come down at 8am - 10am as well. Yes, we know it's early, no you can't complain about being tired)

Useful Docs for Juniors and Parents 

DERC Junior Membership Form 2013-2.docx DERC Junior Membership Form 2013-2.docx
Size : 826.584 Kb
Type : docx
DERC parent,social Member Form.docx DERC parent,social Member Form.docx
Size : 49.658 Kb
Type : docx
Surrival guide for Parents.docx Surrival guide for Parents.docx
Size : 886.067 Kb
Type : docx
Junior Handbook for Junior Devils.docx Junior Handbook for Junior Devils.docx
Size : 67.537 Kb
Type : docx
Code_of_practice_for_parents_or_carers.doc Code_of_practice_for_parents_or_carers.doc
Size : 1005.5 Kb
Type : doc
Code of practice for junior members.doc Code of practice for junior members.doc
Size : 964 Kb
Type : doc

How to join.... 

How to become a Junior Devil

There are two ways to become a junior rower at Devil's Elbow:

1) Join one of our learn to row schemes which we run biannually. Learn to row normally costs £65 for 7/8 coached lessons, after which you will know basic technique, safety and regulations surrounding rowing

2) If you wish to try rowing when we aren't running a learn to row scheme, you can attend 4 sessions costing £25 including a handbook. After your 4 lessons you must decide whether you want to join Devil's Elbow or if rowing isn't for you. 

If you are under 16, you will need a parent or guardian to become a support/volunteer member of Devil's Elbow as well. This costs £14 per year. Junior Membership is currently set at £84. Family membership is £210, for more details visit the membership page.

Due to our club being run by volunteers, we take payments through BACS to save precious volunteer time. If you are unable to use BACS, payment can be made into any Barclays Bank using the same payment details as BACS. The code or this can be found on the membership form. 

You will also be required to become a gold member of British Rowing. This is free for the first year if you are under 14, or costs £24 for 15-18 year olds. You can become a member of British Rowing by clicking here. Parent members are encouraged to have silver membership as volunteers. 

In order to race, you will need to purchase an all-in-one from Godfrey Sports. This can be found here:  We open order windows with Godfreys which allows you to get the all-in-one or any other kit for a reduced price for the club ordering in bulk. Talk to your captain (Lauren for juniors) or coach (Julie) about opening an order window. 

Every member of Devil's Elbow must complete a capsize and swim drill. This usually takes place at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, and you must pass before or just after you join our club. You will be told when you should attend your capsize drill. If you can not attend or pass, you will be required to row in a life jacket at all times, this is not the norm and can hinder your rowing career. 

Clothing Requirements:

- Swimming costume/trucks
- Tracksuit bottoms
- Leggings
- Sweatshirt


1.       Demonstrate the ability to "Tread water" for 2 minutes.

2.       Demonstrate the ability to swim 100 meters (4 lengths, at least 2 of which on the back "life-saving style") of the pool wearing swimming costume, leggings and a "T" shirt. The first 5 meters of this swim MUST be underwater

3.       Be shown the procedure of capsizing a sculling boat in the pool, firstly without the blades in and then with the blades in. (This process is to demonstrate to the athlete how easy it is to capsize a boat without blades in and thereafter how almost impossible it is to capsize with blades in so long as a basic set of rules is adhered to!

4.       Be shown the procedure required, after a capsize, to get back into the boat. 

Where to find out more.... 

British Rowing is our governing body which regulates us, makes the rules for racing etc, pretty important lot of people. They also produce the magazine you will receive as a British Rowing member. 

NEW Go Row Junior Handbook - all juniors will be given a copy on their L2R course or taster sessions.

There is a RowActiv app available free for iPhone users on the app store. It was created by British Rowing and provides exercises for varying fitness levels, as well as other interesting features. We'd recommend it!!!


Our DERC website - have a look around, familiarise yourself with the Safety Documents, our history, news pages etc.  

Your Coaches and Junior Captain are there to talk to about rowing. Your Welfare Officer is there to talk to about any problems you may have. Our Safeguarding policy is their to protect you and vunerable adults. 

And this is how not to push off from a landing stage...

And try to have fun! Oar else... ;)

Here we're going to have submissions of our juniors' favourite jokes.