To ease pressure on boat requirements, coaching etc and to fit in with the Sailing Club's program we have put together the following timetable. This will change in line with the sailing club so keep checking back.

To view the sailing clubs timetable to double check you can row see their webpage

SUMMER PROGRAM 1st April to 1st September




Juniors 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Club time 6.30pm - All welcome


2:00pm Welbeck Defence College

6.30pm Organised Crews


NO Rowing Sailing Club members only


NO rowing Sailing Club members only


8:00am Ladies Eight

10:00am Club Time (juniors, beginners and recreational)

12:00pm Men's Rowing

2:00pm Welbeck Defence College


(All rowing club members need to have vacated TVSC by 10am at the latest. On Open meetings and similar events we should not be at the club at all) Please check their website calendar for events. 

8:00 to 10:00am Club Time 

No one to be going out singling by themselves

* Beginner crews need to be signed off by a coach to be allowed to train out of club times

Night rules apply at dusk and dark

TVSC House rules apply at all times

No beginners or Juniors (11-14) out at dusk or dark