Devil's on the Thames


Devil's Elbow logged their first HoRR result last Sunday with a 'third time lucky' race on the Tideway.

Having entered for the first time in 2013, ( race cancelled ) then again in 2014, ( race abandoned ) we, together with 2961 other competitors raced hard for the full four and a quarter miles between Chiswick and Putney Bridges in what turned out to be pretty manageable conditions.
The weather forecast for London had predicted Westerly winds with gusts of 30 - 35 mph, so to be allowed to race, albeit with the actual 15 - 20 mph tail winds was a huge relief. We were hampered on the return trip, but that was immaterial, as we had fitted the riggers with taped splash boards, courtesy of Sainsbury's. I had no idea they stocked those.
Starting at number 162 amongst a raft of Cambridge college crews we set a workable rate of 30 from the off, which we maintained throughout the piece until reaching the black buoy from where we upped it by a pip or two to fend off a challenge from crew 165, Eton Excelsior.

 Our finish time of 20' 47".03 put us in 30th place from 50 IM3 club crews, so with the sub-21 minute box ticked we keenly examined the results for our neighbouring oppo Leicester. Box 2 ticked, as we beat them by 6.86 seconds. We were further heartened to see that we had beaten Nottingham Uni by a giant five one hundredths of a second, Isn't technology great ?

Thanks are due in bucket-loads to Paul K who gave up his seat in the boat to tow the trailer and take the generally, ( except for bowside ) flattering photo's, and big thanks to Nicola for her expert coxing.
We even managed to keep the bow number attached, so that's £30 saved to go in the beer kitty !! '
Simon Hughes.